Semalt Points Out Common Reasons Why Email Outreaches Fail

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Almost everywhere these days, we hear of how effective and promising Email outreaches can be. However, when we take on this challenge, we are faced with so many failures and setbacks that we wonder how anyone succeeds in launching a successful email outreach campaign. 

Semalt is an SEO and Web Management company that seeks to solve any and every problem that influences the performance of a website. That, of course, involves email outreaches. In case you haven't tried out reaching out to your prospective clients via Email, you should try it out. When done right, it can be very effective. 

Some say that cold emails are awkward; well, they aren't totally wrong. Many see it as a game of hit or miss, and they consider it "luck" when they get a reply. We do not follow that chain of thought. Cold emails stand a great chance of getting opened. It all boils down to the strategy you choose to employ.

In this article, we will point out five common reasons why email outreaches fail. But before we do that, we will be going through the basics. 

Personalization of emails

If you've tried email outreach, the chances are that you've used the same template for over a dozen different recipients. Too often, we see that clients who overuse the same email outreach templates. This doesn't seem right, and many times it doesn't yield great results. Instead, what we do and advise you to do is to spend some time researching your audience and take time to personalize the emails you send. 

Now many of you go direct, hit the nail on the head without including a pinch of personalization in your Email. But a lack of quality personalization in emails isn't the only reason why many email outreaches end up in the trash folder. 

Choosing the wrong audience

Emails and the message they carry can be subjective. A good or bad email is determined by its reader. You can design a message in the most amazing way, but it can still end up in the trash folder because it was sent to the wrong person. Sadly, this is the fate of many amazing email messages. 

Your Email might not yield the desired result simply because you've sent them to the inbox of people whose responsibility doesn't include responding to emails like yours. 

Here is our pattern on link building:

Search for someone who is responsible for building links in the target company. Or we target someone who is responsible for creating the content used by our target company. This, of course, puts us in crosshairs with the right class of people. But since that was for building links, you can also apply the concept to emailing prospective clients. 

It is important you send your emails to individuals who will consider your product / services and not brush it aside as irrelevant. 

Following the wrong logic in your pitch

There was once a Greek philosopher whose students praised him after giving a speech. He responded with a valuable lesson, and he said that if they waste time praising him, it showed that they hardly had anything valuable to share with him. It is important to bear this knowledge in mind when working on your Email outreach peaches. 

Do not spend too much time praising the addressee and stuffing the Email with compliments, and then asking for a favor. Youll only comes out as desperate, and you wouldn't answer the most important question, which is, "how do they benefit from this?" After wasting so much time and characters complimenting, you have nothing meaningful to return for that favor you seek. 

Instead, you should send a personalized offer that is sure to grab the interest of your reader. As content creators, one way we get new clients is by going through their blog and identifying only content. We then offer to help them create new and more relevant ones. This shows them that we don't just talk the talk, but we work the work, and we are worth their time. 

Changing the name on a template doesn't make it personal

Many email pitches look exactly the same; the only difference is in the change of name. This is what happens when you rely on the same template for all of your outreach emails. Changing the name alone doesn't personalize your emails. 

In reality, adding someone's name alone to a pitch isn't sufficient to get their attention. In fact, we now have tools that can change the names on these templates. This is why you need to find more ways of personalizing your Email. With a tool like Pitchbox, you can still have an email template but also include the recipient's name, geolocation, or mention something recent that they've been up to. 

Starting the Outreach with Email

Starting your outreach with Email is shaky at best. Your efforts at securing a client or customer would be more promising if you were to start messaging them via LinkedIn, for example. This will be far more effective than talking to a complete stranger via Email. 

Email is seen as a private domain, so many will consider a direct email as stepping into their private space without an invitation. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a social space that allows for new relationships to be formed. People on Linkedln usually expect to hear from new people. On Linkedln, you can also check profiles to make sure you're talking to the right person. Your audience, on the other hand, can also check your profile to get a basic knowledge of your brand to know if they would like to connect. 

LinkedIn is also a great place to have small talks, and this is obviously critical in the initial stages of building a strong relationship with your prospect. On Linkedln, you can learn a lot about a person's interests, read their comments and see their posts. 

You can use this information to establish a good foundation and win their. 

Failing to offer something in return

We've mentioned this, but we feel it's important we explain this part of ensuring your email outreach is successful. The value of your relationship with business partners and clients rests on mutual benefit. Frankly, it would be great if everyone offered stuff for free, and maybe there are few individuals who fit this category that you know. Our point here is that not everyone follows that same moral compass. If you were to launch an email outreach campaign, it is almost certain that you get responses asking about what they get in return. We are in a profit making world, not charity. Offering something in return not only greases the wheels but also ensures you get quality. 

It is important that you ask yourself, what can I offer that would be persuasive enough to get a prospect to give me that link? Some great ideas of what to offer are:
  • Sharing ideas for updating outdated content 
  • Fixing broken lines 
  • Or Starbucks gift cards
Another strategy that has proven useful is to send some form of appreciation to your prospect after securing a link. If you have media properties such as a newsletter or blog, you can feature your prospect in your publications. You can also link back to their website in your guest post. 

Approach email outreach like a business deal

We've discussed six reasons why email strategies fail but perhaps the biggest reason that mothers all these other mistakes is that you do not treat email outreach as a business deal. Your outreach is only a step in developing a relationship with your client. But the success of your entire strategy is determined by the nature of your email outreach, considering that they are your first impression to any client. 

It can be both a good and a bad thing. What matters the most is that you do not miss out on this great opportunity to impress prospects. Because if you do, things could nose dive quickly. 


These tips are your guide to not only building links but also fostering lasting relationships for your brand. At Semalt, we use the techniques listed above for all our dealing, both offline and online. Look at our massive number of clientele, best believe that when we started, we could barely get anyone to look in our direction. We had to take the bull by its horn and charge towards our clients. 

Email marketing can be very productive if done right. With our help and the service of our team, Semalt can guide you on the path to victory. If we can make it, you can too. It's all about making sure you do this the right way.